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Fancy a carnival for your workplace?

At Mahons Amusement the word ‘fun’ is literally in your job description and the purpose of your role is to make people happy. We can’t think of a better job on earth, can you?

But fun does have a serious side, and for us that’s safety. To work for us you need to be friendly and fun, but you also need to be highly responsible and safety conscious. You’ll be expected to adhere to strict safety standards and follow operating procedures to the nth degree. You’ll be well presented at all times, so as to project a positive image of our company. Oh, and one more thing…you must be over 18.

We are able to offer a number of employment options for candidates who meet our requirements. Please be specific as to what type of job you are seeking, and which part of the country you wish to work in. We offer full time work traveling from town to town, erecting and dismantling rides and working on show days.

We are also able to offer part time and weekend work at various events throughout the country. Keen to join our team? Fill in the application form and we’ll be in touch.

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At Mahons Amusement the word 'fun' is literally in your job description.