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You can find Mahons Amusements at the best shows and events across NZ like: Major Music Festivals including Homegrown, ACL, Our House, Bay Dreams,Traditional A&P Shows, Auckland’s Coca Cola Christmas in the Park, Balloons Over Waikato and more. We’ve even made special appearances at Teddy Bear Picnics, Grand Openings and Christmas Parades.

Pretty much anywhere fun is mandatory, we’ll be there to thrill, chill, spook and excite you! Connect with us on Facebook to be notified of when we’ll next visit your location.

Here's where you'll find us next.

Whangarei Mega Fun Carnival 2021

Whangarei Mega Fun Carnival Facebook page The Show is back in town- featuring all the Favorites- including the Hurricane,  Round Up, Dodgem Cars, Flying Dragon,

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