Wairarapa A&P Show

The Show is back in town- Friday Night (1st November) and Saturday (2nd) and Sunday (3rd)
Featuring all the Favorites- including the Dodgem Cars, Carousel, Sizzler, Giant Slide, Dragon Wagon along with so much more plus Carnival Games and Fairground Food guarantees something for everyone

The Carnival rides use a Coupon System. This simply means that coupons are accepted on all rides; you pick your favorite ride and buy the necessary number of coupons required. Alternatively you can buy discounted packs of coupons to use. This can be done for your own use or to share among family or friends.

Individual Coupons $1.30 each
(ride selection subject to final approval)

Pack Prices

Rides require 1 to 6 coupons per ride and can be purchased singularly or in Packs.
Mini Park
  • 50 coupons $60 Save $5
Family Pack
  • 95 coupons $105 Save $18.50
Mega Pack
  • 165 coupons $169 Save $45.50
OSH Height requirements apply
  • NB some rider have minimum rider heights.
  • Be sure of your purchase as Coupons are Valid Day of Issue only, no refunds are given.
  • The large ticket box in the amusement area where all coupon purchases must be made, (no cash accepted at rides).
  • EFTPOS is available at Carnival area central ticket boxes.
  • Food Purchases and Carnival games require cash.
1 Coupon
  • Giant Slide
3 Coupons
  • Bouncer
4 Coupons
  • Merry Go Round
  • Fun Factory
  • Electric Train
  • Top Gear
  • Dragon Wagon
6 Coupons
  • Sizzler
  • Electric Dodgems per car
  • Round Up
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